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I find it very disheartening that the news coverage of this James Franco story is that he “flirted” and “chatted” with this 17-year-old girl instead of calling him out for what it really is: being a predator. He very clearly tried to have sex with her and was well aware of her age. This is is not, as he called it, “a model of how social media is tricky,” and the media not calling him out his inappropriate behavior is really giving me all the rage today. 

He literally asked if he could book a hotel room for them. What the hell does the media think he wanted to do in said hotel room, bat his eyelashes and play footsie? 


Tbh he can flirt with me all he likes

lmao really? She lied to him about her age saying she was 18

Yes so there’s still obvious consent from both sides. It’s not his fault completely, I know it’s wrong and oo bad but there are so many older men dating younger girls but as soon as it’s someone famous we all throw out hands up and say ‘no’.

Exactly!! Like Bradley cooper. And I think she’s of age from where she’s from, and a few weeks ago she posted on Instagram saying she was already 18!! And when james Franco found out she was 17 he tried to stop talking to her

Ikr and even if he didn’t like she wasn’t running away from him and he was holding her down. Even if they did have sex and started dating whatever - there are couples who have age gaps from 5 to 20 years and it’s common and very normal and they’re all happy but it’s such a big deal if a famous person does it it’s just sad